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Sebago Team is excited to welcome you into the 8th grade.  We look forward to getting to know you and have you on our team this year!
Below is some information that you will find helpful in navigating the in class and remote learning days.
Google Classroom 
Math A (Monday and Wednesday in class)
Class Code: 52iznwr
Math B (Tuesday and Thursday in class)
Class Code: 6fxj2yl
Algebra A (Monday and Wednesday in class)
Class Code: j2jtae2
Algebra B (Tuesday and Thursday in class)
Class Code: mgqj4jf
Mrs. Cook's Friday Office Hours: 10:00am-2:00 pm Fridays
I will post all assignments and directions so that parents and students will have access.

Representing Yourself in Numbers Directions Video

Using Numbers to Represent Yourself

September 10, 2020

Task 1:

Read the directions and look at the examples that are attached.

Task 2:

  • I encourage you to be as creative as you wish using your artistic talents to describe yourself with numbers.
  • Each number can only be used once.
  • You will use a sheet of 8 1/2'” x 11” paper to represent yourself using numbers.
  • Create a circle in the middle of your paper and have 8 sections that branch off of the circle. Please see attached example.
  • Each of the 8 sections with represent a different number that is important to you. (Do you have 2 siblings? 4 pets? Live in 1 house? Or live in the zip code 04062?) be creative when choosing your numbers and how to display them.
  • Use the circle in the middle for a drawing of you or something that describes you. Perhaps you could share something that others might not know about you.
  • You may use numbers or equations.  For Example: if a student was 14 years old they could say I am 7 x 2 years old, we have 5 - 3 pets, or I have been on swim team for 6/3 years, etc.
  • Create your poster to represent yourself using numbers.



Is there a question that you need to ask me when you come back to class?  Please write this in your agenda.



This is due at the beginning of your next in-person school day.