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Mr. Condello: Grade 7 Math and Science

My name is Mr. Condello, and I teach 7th grade math and science at Windham Middle.



Like last year, we will be providing a planner, a three ring binder, and folders for your child’s executive functioning needs.  They will not be required to pay $5 this year but we would be grateful if you could purchase the following materials for your child, as it will be important for them to have their own.  Please let us know if you are unable and we can gather those materials. Also, if you are able to donate an extra set--- great!!


A notebook for each core class (4)

Lots of sharpened pencils

Colored pencils

Black sharpies or markers

Glue sticks


Sticky notes




A pouch for materials

Something like this ---------->

Optional: earbuds/headphones, calculator, handheld pencil sharpener, mini hand sanitizer (school will be providing but if a student would prefer their own)