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Greetings all! 


My name is Emily Stokes and I am the 6th grade language arts and social studies on the Hopkins/Stokes team. .  I grew up in Standish, Maine and attended Saint Joseph’s College.  I have been teaching since 2001.  I have taught at WMS for the past six years.  Prior to that I worked at JSMS in Raymond, Maine. 


Book Review due Dates!

    Mark your calendars!


Summary #1: Friday, September 28th

Summary #2: Friday, October 26th

Summary #3: Thursday, November 29th

Summary #4: Friday, January 4th

Summary #5: Friday, February 1st

Summary #6: Tuesday,  March 7th

Summary #7: Friday, April 5th

Summary #8: Friday, May 3rd

Summary #9: Wednesday, June 5th

Updated Supply List



2 composition books (not spiral bound)


Pens (blue, black)


Pencil bag (preferred over a pencil box)

Glue Sticks

Pencil Sharpener

Water bottle