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Mrs. Engelberger

My teaching career started in 1995 when I became a preschool teacher in California.  My parents and my years at the University of Massachusetts instilled in me an acceptance of all people and this is the ideal I have tried to weave into my work with my students.  When I moved to Maine fourteen years ago I became a certified K-8 teacher through the ETEP program and went on to complete my masters in Applied Literacy.  It was in my internship where I began working with middle school students and fell in love with this age group.  I loved the higher level thinking they were capable of, the willingness to problem-solve with me, and I especially loved the humor.  Professional development has been an important part of my career and I have taken advantage of many opportunities to be an active learner.  RSU 14 and Windham Middle School have offered many opportunities to further this growth. 


I am a nurturer by heart so it is important that all of my students know they are valued members of my classroom community.  I strive to foster a community where everyone belongs, where students can explore ideas, and where we learn and grow together.   I love project-based learning where students can puzzle through essential questions and choose various pathways to master our learning targets.  It has been my experience that students come to us with incredible differences and needs but with support they can feel success along the way and make incredible strides towards meeting learning standards. 


I am passionate about literacy and have tried to pass this along to my students by developing a rich curriculum for my classes. Guiding students through the process of reflecting on a reading selection or digging deep in their writing process is one of my favorite aspects of teaching.  My work on our district literacy committee has been especially rewarding as we determined grade level expectations and levels of rigor for standards.  Ultimately my goal is to know my students well, make school a great place to be, to challenge students academically with appropriate levels of rigor while providing them with the support needed to grow, and hopefully have some fun in the process.


I live in Falmouth with my husband and we have two wonderful sons.   I spend many hours running in order to train for whatever event is on the horizon.  I love to spend time with my family, read, and bake.  I am excited about the start of a new school year!